It is crucial that those living with, supporting or working with individuals with autism understand how it affects them. Raising awareness and offering support strategies is an effective and immediate way to help them learn, thrive and reach their potential.


Each course I deliver provides a comprehensive overview of the autism spectrum; how autism presents itself differently in individuals and how people with autism experience the world around them.

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Working with you specifically to understand how to support individuals with autism seeking employment. 


I will develop a bespoke training package for your company that will help you recruit and retain staff by supporting them in their role and building autism awareness throughout your organisation.

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This course is aimed at those working with an educational setting.


Those taking part can include staff directly involved with supporting students with autism such as teachers and support staff but also governors and administration staff.

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A bespoke programme to meet the specific needs of your organisation, empowering you to enable the people you care and work with to live fulfilling lives in a social world.


This course is designed at looking more closely at legislation and how to improve the way you meet the needs of people with autism accessing your services. Useful for those working for a Local Authority or statutory body.



I offer a face-to-face support service for those affected by their autism or that of their child’s.


Using my wide-ranging experience working with these groups, I will work with you to help develop solutions to any difficulties you or your child are experiencing related to autism.

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Adults with Autism with Asperger syndrome/High Functioning Autism

For adults with autism who do not have an additional learning disability, this may include problems accessing work, welfare benefits or housing.

With more than five years' experience supporting adults with autism and their families and I have found that sharing problems can often prevent difficult situations escalating


I have found that social communication is an area of difficulty which I can work with you to find specialist help to support you and overcome any barriers within your relationship.

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Family members of children/adults with autism with or without an additional learning disability


I have been trained to provide legally based information to parents of children with Special Educational Needs and / or a disability. I will work with you to request a Statutory Assessment of your child’s SEN, help you navigate the SEN ‘jungle’ and support you in making an appeal to the SEND Tribunal.

As the parent of children with autism, I am perfectly placed to support you in areas related to your child’s autism and where necessary help you access specialist services.

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Schools, Organisations and Employers Seeking to Support Individuals with Autism


I will work with you and your team to better understand any difficulties experienced by an individual with autism in your setting and will help in a solution-focused way to resolve them.

I can also work with individual employees who have autism or are awaiting diagnosis to support them in their role; covering areas such as communication and relationships at work and using strategies to help identify and minimise difficulty with organisation and anxiety.


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